Pauline Moirez

Notes from ‘Crowdsourcing in the Arts and Humanities’


Interestingly, paintings can be ‘retired’ from the T…

  • Interestingly, paintings can be 'retired' from the Tagger once enough data has been gathered
  • the inherent reward of participating in the activity was a bigger motivator than competitiveness,
  • definitions of crowdsourcing in cultural heritage: 'a form of engagement that contributes towards a shared, significant goal or research question by asking the public to undertake tasks that cannot be done automatically' or 'productive public engagement with the mission and work of memory institutions'.
  • it has to produce results of value to the research community in less time than could have been done by other means
  • built a focused 'talk' tool which can programmatically filter out the most interesting unanswered comments and email them to their 30 or 40 expert users
  • full text transcriptions (difficult to automatically reconcile) vs 'rich
  • in some projects, interactions with a central authority are valued, in others, community interactions are really important.
  • The potential and dangers of 'gamification' and 'badgeification' and their potentially negative impact on motivation were raised
  • have you met participants in real life?' - answer, yes, and it was an opportunity to learn from them